AnyClip Extends Reach of Licensed Content through Partnership with LKQD®

TEL AVIV, Israel -- AnyClip, a content marketing and media platform that connects top advertisers and publishers with premium video content, today announced a partnership with LKQD®, an ad serving solution built specifically for publishers to provide a screen-agnostic premium video monetization solution. The agreement will extend the reach of AnyClip’s library of licensed content to smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, and streaming devices.

“Advertisers today can be overwhelmed by both the number of video producers creating content and the variety of devices on which those videos will be viewed”

Over the past few years, consumers have migrated to a new set of devices for video consumption. The proliferation of quality mobile broadband such as LTE, coupled with improved device capabilities, has lead to an eightfold increase in the number of mobile videos viewed in the past three years. Today nearly half of all online video is consumed via mobile device or tablet, meaning advertisers must identify and implement compelling experiences for handheld devices to retain their share of voice. In addition to smartphones and tablets, analysts such as Parks Associates estimate that around 18 million U.S. households have some form of streaming device and predict the category will grow more than 400% by 2019.

“LKQD’s innovative team has built the perfect match for us as we expand our efforts to deliver premium, licensed content to advertisers, publishers, and viewers,” said Daryl McNutt, Chief Marketing Officer of AnyClip. “Their mobile platform fits AnyClip’s vision of providing state-of-the-art video and content delivery across all devices. Merging LKQD’s valuable ad serving solution with our licensed content will further benefit our partners and customers.”

LKQD’s ad serving platform pairs with a feature-rich video player to enable easy set-up and scalability for publishers, enabling them to reach their audience regardless of which screen they’re using. This is achieved through the use of HTML5, which offers the flexibility to deliver device-agnostic viewing experiences. The partnership between AnyClip and LKQD allows publishers to incorporate licensed video clips into their content, while also monetizing through AnyClip’s advertiser relationships and dynamic, in-stream ad capabilities.

“Advertisers today can be overwhelmed by both the number of video producers creating content and the variety of devices on which those videos will be viewed,” said Brian DeFrancesco, CEO and co-founder of LKQD. “AnyClip’s commitment to premium content and their progressive leadership in programmatic selling makes them an ideal partner for LKQD’s Marketplace and buyers seeking quality programmatic inventory and impactful ways to reach their audience.”

The partnership will provide programmatic verification of mobile inventory by industry leading brand analytics partners to ensure brand protection and provide inventory transparency.  For more information, visit

About AnyClip

AnyClip is a content marketing platform that connects top advertisers and publishers through premium video, offering in-stream targeting to create meaningful audience experiences. The company's data-driven approach to video delivery empowers brands to effectively match relevant playlists to more than 80 million unique viewers monthly by verticals and audience characteristics across any screen. Leveraging industry-leading technology and data expertise, AnyClip protects brands from inappropriate or unsafe content by blocking non-human and malicious traffic on multiple levels through its proprietary SafePlay™ player widget. ComScore consistently ranks AnyClip among the top 10 largest online video content properties in the U.S. with a content library of over 200k licensed clips. Backed by Jerusalem Venture Partners, Ervington Investments, Limelight Networks, and GTI Capital Group, the company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with offices in Jerusalem, San Francisco, and New York. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @anyclip.

About LKQD®

In less than two years, LKQD® has quickly risen to become a leading independent ad platform for Publishers and now one of the first to offer a true HTML5 “video everywhere” product line through a proprietary VPAID compatible player and enterprise ad server. LKQD®’s mission is to provide one platform that truly streamlines digital video operations for publishers: one player, one ad server, every screen.